Create task Apr 13th

I finished my create task today. I found that I wasn't able to pickle my data and decided that I would be better off abandoning that idea altogether.

I have added spaces after the strings coming before the user's input so that the look is a little neater. I have also made all the error messages appear red so that the user can distinguish them from the rest of the code.

I'm proud of what I've done. :)

Create Task Apr 8t Part 2

I'm up in the middle of the night and bored so I figured, why not continue finding out how to remove a key in my dictionary?

I ran into a tiny bit of trouble with removing. I got it to work easily enough, but I didn't want someone just typing in a key that doesn't exist, so I set up an if statement. I slowly found out that for the "if remo in names_commissions.items()" I didn't actually need the ".items" part and then it began to work. All I have left is:

- pickling
-clean up + color

I'm proud of how this looks. :)

Create Task April 8th

I figured out that I needed to put the empty dictionary in my main program, not the add() function. I also forgot a set of parenthesis after one of my .lowers.

Today I will work on getting the existing dictionary to print out for the user so that they can see the info that they ordered. I will also start to try pickling the dictionary. This is something I have the worst trouble with so let's see how it goes.

I did it! I got the dictionary to take multiple commissions and print them all out! I only hope that I can easily remove them as well.

To Do:

- Pickling
- Removing Keys and their Values
- Color + Organize

Create Task Apr 6th

I am really having a rough time with the dictionaries. I can't get my program to accept the input for the sizes of commissions. My code basically takes the size from the user and according to the size, changes the price. I'm going to make my program print the values of each key separately to try and see where it is going wrong, but if it doesn't sort itself out, I'm going to ask Ms. Kelly for help. I've already shown my friends and they can't see a problem. :(

I tried printing the two separately and the program didn't even print it.

Create Task Coding Apr 3rd

I have finally found the time to continue my create task. I got a lot of work done today, as I wrote my directory function ( called title() ) and my display function ( userchoice() ). I had a bit of difficulty getting my title() function to actually respond to what I was typing in. I finally realized that the function had no return so it had no way of displaying what the "user" chose. I added "return choice" and it finally started working. My next step is to add in a dictionary and an append function.

Create Task Idea Mar 17th

For my create task, I am going to create a program to help me with art commissions. It'll be a place where I can store different information for each piece that I create. Someone will (theoretically) send me what they want me to make, the size, the color scheme, cost, etc. I will add these into my program (stored in dictionary) and will give my self the ability to cross off items without deleting them (so that I can see what I have completed, and what I still need to do. Hopefully, it will be something I can actually use in the future.

Big Data Sleuth Card

Website -

 Website Name - EarthWindMap by Nullschool
What is this website potentially used for? -
This site could be used for people traveling the world by boat, sailboat, or plane (You can see different heights). It could also be used by a company looking for a location for a wind farm. It can also be used to examine wave heights and air quality.
Is the provided visualization useful? -
Yes! There is a scale for the colors on the screen and you can click around to find the wind speed and direction on a specific coordinate. They also give the option to see what the direction and speed are at different heights, not just surface level. They also show ocean currents with a scale!
Where is the data coming from? - 
The data is coming from GFS, NCEP, and the US National Weather Service. It also says when the data was updated, at what time and on what day. 
Do you consider this "big" data? - 
Because they need to collect all of the wind data from across the …